ISPM-15 Stamped Shipping Crates for Small Businesses in the Buffalo & Clarence, NY Areas

At Mosher Lumber Inc, we are proud to offer ISPM-15 stamped shipping crates for small businesses in the area. We strive to build strong shipping crates for our customers that will protect their products and leave them unharmed through the shipping process. Our dedicated team builds custom-sized boxes according to our customer's specs. We work hard to help you meet the export requirements of the IPPC and make a good first impression as these crates are neat, clean, and built strong.

How Our Export Shipping Crates Are Built

When it comes to building strong export shipping crates, we use Kiln-Dried Heat Treated (KD-HT) lumber and plywood. Once the crates have been assembled, they are stamped by us to show they meet ISPM-15 specifications. When it comes to shipping, most countries require that wooden crates coming into their country are heat treated. This reduces the risk of bugs and other pests being transported or spreading internationally, as we don't want to harm other plants or ecosystems across borders.

Please note that while we are eager to help local small businesses, we do not accept bulk pallet orders. We also do not ship crates or load them for the customer. We simply build them for you.

Contact Us to Order Export Shipping Crates

Like all forms of packaging, you want it to protect your product, so it's important to invest in good export shipping crates. If you are looking for crates for your small business in the Buffalo and Clarence, NY areas, contact us today for more information or to put in an order.